Thai authorities obliged cafe with free Wi-Fi to store user data

Cafes, restaurants and shops that violate the law are punishable.

The administration of restaurants and other public places with free Wi-Fi access must store data on user activity on the Web for 90 days. As Thai Minister of Digital Economy Buddhipongse Punnakanta explained, this is necessary in case data is needed for a criminal investigation.

“Shops and cafes with free Wi-Fi must store information for 90 days, so that, if necessary, law enforcement agencies can request it within the framework of Section 26 of the Computer Crime Act,” Thai Minister Khao Sod quoted the minister as saying.

Buddhypongse Punnakanta mentioned a section of the recently updated cybercrime law that obliges Internet service providers to store traffic for their users. Cafes, restaurants and shops that violate the law will be punished, the minister said.

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