Drivers with iPhone turned out to be more dangerous than with Android smartphones.

Zebra, which specializes in car insurance, has published statistics comparing the level of danger from drivers with smartphones on Android and iOS.

More than 2,100 American driver respondents participated in the survey on distractions. According to the data, iPhone owners are twice as likely to use their gadget while driving.

Here are some survey data:

51% of iPhone users and 35% of Android users write messages while driving

33% of iPhone users and 23% of Android users take photos while driving

20% of iPhone users and 10% of Android users shoot video while driving

17% of iPhone users and 8% of Android users participate in video calls while driving

Check Facebook driving 15% of iPhone users and 9% of Android users

12% of iPhone users and 4% of Android users view Instagram while driving

Publish in Instagram driving 8% of iPhone users and 3% of Android users

10% of iPhone users and 6% of Android users watch YouTube while driving

8% of iPhone users and 4% of Android users are broadcasting behind the wheel

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