Apple accused of illegally disclosing customer information on purchases in iTunes

Apple Inc. sued customers who claim that the company illegally discloses and sells information about the purchases of people on iTunes, as well as their personal data.

Three iTunes customers from Rhode Island and Michigan filed a federal court in San Francisco on Friday, demanding that hundreds of thousands of residents of their home states were submitted, who allegedly disclosed their personal information without their consent.

Disclosing the personal data of iTunes customers is not only illegal, but can also be dangerous, as it allows targeting vulnerable members of society, the complaint says. “For example, any person or organization may purchase a list with the names and addresses of all unmarried women who graduated from college over the age of 70 with a family income of more than $ 80,000 who purchased country music from Apple through their iTunes Store mobile app.” – customers noted. “Such a list is available for sale at about $ 136 per thousand customers listed.”

Plaintiffs require $ 250 for each iTunes user from Rhode Island, whose information was disclosed, and $ 5000 for each victim from Michigan, in accordance with state laws on confidentiality.

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