53% of authentication attempts on social networks are made by scammers and bots!

53% of all authentication attempts on social networking sites belong to scammers. In addition, 25% of new applications on the same sites are fakes. Such data are reflected in a study by Arkose Labs.

According to experts, they studied all sorts of attacks. Some of them commit bots, the rest are cybercriminals. They happened to observe hacking accounts, the creation of fraudulent accounts, spam and other malicious activity.

Researchers found that 75% of attacks on social networks make bots in automatic mode. The most common activity of attackers is hacking accounts – in this way they try to get to the personal data of respectable users.

“A large percentage of attacks on user accounts of social networks is explained by the value of personal data that attackers will gain access to if they successfully compromise,” says Arkose CEO Kevin Gosschock.

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